Cats are mysterious and eccentric — and would be unapologetic about it if they could tell us. Despite all their weird behaviors, we love our sometimes-freaky felines. Read on for the reasons behind some of the strange yet common quirks encountered by cat owners.


Why does my cat head bunt me?

First of all, you read “bunt” correctly — it’s not head bump or head butt. And your cat head bunts to scent-mark you as part of the colony. In other words, “I love you.” You’ll see that your cat’s whiskers and ears are relaxed as they head bunt because they’re happy. If your cat is cool with it, you can gently head bunt them back, or just go with a chin scratch and some sweet talk.


Why does my cat like small spaces?

A cozy enclosure gives your cat a sense of safety and security. Their instincts tell them that a predator or rival can’t surprise them from behind, and as a hunter, they feel concealed from their prey. In addition, it’s comfortable — a snug-fitting box contains warmth better than a roomy one with a lot of drafty space. With their flexible collarbone, shoulders and spine, your cat can squeeze into some pretty tight spots.


Why does my cat sit on my laptop?

You might think your cat commandeers your laptop for warmth or out of jealousy. However, experts believe it’s simply that your scent is all over the device, especially the keyboard. While our world is primarily visual, your cat’s world revolves around scent, and this is just another way they add their mark to yours. As long as your cozy co-worker isn’t vocalizing or showing signs of anxiety, it’s a harmless behavior.

Why does my cat knead me?

The science is still out on this one. A leading theory is that it’s another affectionate form of marking you as a member of the colony — there are numerous scent glands around your cat’s paws. Kneading appears to be a positive behavior since it’s typically accompanied by purring and a relaxed state. If your cat doesn’t knead you, experts say not to worry — it doesn’t mean they don’t like you.


Why does my cat blink slowly at me?

Also known as a “cat smile,” the slow blink proves to be true communication and bonding between humans and cats. Try it yourself with your furry friend: Narrow your eyes as you would in a relaxed smile, then gently close your eyes for a couple of seconds and slowly reopen. Your cat should respond in the same way. Researchers think this behavior might have originated from cats learning that humans would reward them for responding to the slow blink.

Why does my cat meow at night?

Most cats are active at night to begin with, but excessive meowing has several possible causes. Your cat might just be bored and want your attention, especially if they spend most of the day alone. If you forgot a feeding, this could be a hangry cat. It could be pain or discomfort; it could be anxiety or stress. Your cat could be confused by eyesight or hearing issues that are more problematic in a quiet, dark home. If more attention (or more food) doesn’t reduce the overnight activity, consult your vet.

Why does my cat drink from the Tap?

If your cat’s normal drinking source is a dish, they might push it around and splash out the water. Or you may find your furball with their head under a tap, licking away at a slow drip. This is partly driven by instinct: Standing water could contain bacteria or other contaminants — or a crocodile. Also, cats don’t have great near vision for seeing still water, so the sight and sound of running water make it more appealing. Consider trying a pet water fountain to see if that changes their behaviour.

Cats bring us joy … and an inexhaustive supply of peculiar behaviour. From weird eating habits to odd soundstail positions and body language, our divine felines have no shortage of ways to try to communicate with us — or play mind games with unsuspecting owners. After all, they say variety (or cat ownership) is the spice of life.

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