Your cat has a collection of more than 100 different vocal sounds at their disposal, and they’ve never been shy about mrroawing, purring or yowling to tell you what they want. To uncover the secrets of your cat’s language, you need only listen.



This sound is more specific than you probably imagined. Meowing is mostly reserved for kittens to their mothers or cats to their humans. And yet it has a versatile meaning: anything from “Well, hello, there,” to “I’d like another delicious DINE® meal, please.”


Is there a more soothing, sultry sound than your cat purring away on your lap? We don’t think so, either. Most of the time, cats purr when they’re happy and content. But purring can also reveal when they’re not feeling well — some cats purr to help soothe themselves.


This jabbering, stuttering sound is often heard when your cat sees something — like a bird just outside the window — they can’t get to. They’re likely sharing frustration or excitement. Some animal behaviorists think the sound is an imitation of the “killing bite” used to break the bones of their prey. So fierce!


There’s no mistaking the meaning of a cat’s hiss. While they can vary in volume and length, hisses indicate that your feline is afraid or annoyed. It’s best to give them some space for now; you can talk about it later.


Yowling These long, moaning howls are usually a sign of distress. They may have gotten locked in a closet or ... gasp ... have reached the bottom of their food bowl. Seek them out immediately if you hear a yowl — they’ll be grateful for the assistance.

Your cat is unequivocally unique, so if you’re not sure what they’re saying to you, look to their body posture and facial expressions for further clues.

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