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You don’t have to speak "cat" for a deeper bond.

Follow along for tips to better understand your cat right meow.

hello there

“Oh, hello there.”

Ears pricked up, body open, head tilted. Often spotted at the sound of the DINE® tray package opening — snap! That’s cat behavior for “You’ve got my attention.”

my person

“You’re my person.”

When your cat stares at you with a slow blink, they’re telling you how comfortable they are and how deep your bond runs. Translation? “I’m into you.”


“I’m rewarding you with my trust.”

A cat on their back is relaxed and trusting. It’s not necessarily an invitation for a belly rub, though, so use your instincts to discern whether your feline wants further advances.


“Okay, let’s play.”

Being postured up on their back legs is a sign they’re ready to play. Learn how to play with your cat to deepen your connection


“I’m proceeding with caution.”

A straight, flicking tail coupled with a tense body can mean your cat has heard something concerning. Catch up on cat tail language for more ideas to decipher your cat’s mood.

not so sure

“I’m not so sure ...”

When your cat curls in a ball, they are anxious and trying to get into a less exposed and vulnerable position. The anxiety will probably pass, but if the behavior continues, you should contact your vet.

Feed me

“Feed me!”

One message your cat won’t let you miss is when they’re ready to eat. When they sit in a still position, often by their bowl, and make direct eye contact, you know they’re ready for mealtime.

Feline fine

“Feline fine.”

The perfect moment: Your cat is satisfied, relaxed and pleased to be around you. After dining on a DINE® meal, it’s time for them to relax with their favourite person.

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