5 ways to draw your cat closer

You’ll do anything to spend time with your cat. But sometimes they’re a little ... shall we say, coy? Don’t despair. Strengthening your bond is all about luring them in through play.

Don’t forget: Their ancestors lived in the wild.

Your favorite feline is a natural predator. So if they’re ignoring your overtures, appeal to their natural hunter instincts. Try a toy that lets them stalk and pounce, such as a feather wand.

Cat Play 1


But now,

totally captivated.

Mind games? Yes, please.

Your cat is obviously clever. Reward their natural intellect with cat-safe games and puzzles. They’re great at fending off boredom while keeping your cat’s mind sharp.
May we suggest a DINE® Creamy Treat?

Cat Play 2

Two can play

this game.

Every great relationship needs a little give and take.

If that toy is always just out of reach, your cat will call it quits. Let them catch the prey every now and then. Your kindness will be rewarded.

Spice up playtime through toy rotation

When your cat loses interest in their current plaything, it’s time to bring out a new distraction.

Cat Play 3

You can’t get

enough of them. But

they’re not so loyal

to Mr. Mouse.

Remember: When your cat is in the mood for food, they are more likely to play.

Feeding them smaller, more frequent meals allows you to coax their fun side out to play. And let’s face it; the more you can both connect over a meal, the closer you’ll feel.

Lure, play, bond. Repeat.