As your cat will surely attest, they’re special. They deserve to live the DINE® brand lifestyle: a life of pampering, treats, play, naps and ample petting. Here are some suggestions to give the head of your household the kind of treatment that shows how much you adore them.

5 ways to pamper your cat


1. Dining delights

Cats have sophisticated palates, so treat their discerning taste buds to a special menu. Might we suggest DINE® DESIRE™? Available in Succulent Chicken , Pure Tuna Whitemeat, Flaked Tuna and Shredded Crab and other flavours cats adore, the premium ingredients and mouth-watering textures are indulgent treats for your deserving kitty. Silver platter optional.


2. A night at the theatre 

Your cat has patiently allowed you to binge-watch all your shows. Now it’s their turn. Search for an online streaming channel or video meant just for cats to enjoy. Whether they’re catching up on fish, birds or “Masterpiece Theatre,” serve them DINE® Creamy Treats as a movie-time treat. Watch the show together for more of those special bonding moments


3. A day-spa experience

Looking this gorgeous isn’t accidental, darling. Cats spend at least five hours a day grooming themselves. You can help by treating your fine feline to a long, relaxing brush-out, followed by a luxurious waterless shampoo — designed for cats, of course — for extra shine. Finish with a nail trim while the two of you catch up on the latest neighborhood gossip. (The squirrel that used to hang out on the patio is back?!)


4. A weekend getaway

Cardboard boxes are fun, but why not give them the keys to a brand-new cat cube or bed that will make them the envy of the neighborhood? Place it somewhere with ample sunshine so they feel warm and secure. They’ll ring if they need room service in between naps.


5. Haute catoure

Their current collar is so last season. Treat them to one (or two) new collars that really bring out the color of their eyes and show off their slinky curves. Perhaps one for formal events and another for lounging around the house? Let them make a fashion statement on your hallway runway. They’ll love you all the more for it.

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