Cats have personality to spare — believe it. But which of the following personality types does your cat identify with most? Being aware of their tricks and traits helps ensure you’re satisfying what their little hearts DESIRE™.


"I rule!"

Queen of their jungle

This dominant cat personality rules the roost with a soft, furry fist. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to let you know they want it right meow! Make sure to reinforce good behaviors. If you’re thinking of introducing another cat to their kingdom, do so slowly and carefully.

amuse me

"You amuse me.


Cool cat

Chill. Relaxed. Aloof, but friendly. Cats with this personality type do their own thing on their own time. Maybe they’ll give you a happy head bunt or sashay right on by to go find the just-right spot for their next beauty nap. Encourage lots of playtime to keep them active and treat them to DINE® Creamy Treats to strengthen your bond.

little closer

"Come just a 

little closer."

The sly stalker

This personality is a sneaky hunter that loves to stalk their prey, whether it’s a fuzzy ball or your ankles. This tiny tiger slinks around the edge of the sofa or under the bed waiting for their moment to pounce. Keep them active with lots of “stalking” games and toys that satisfy their wild side.

boldly go

"To boldly go 

where no cat has

gone before."

The adventurer

Always so curious and outgoing, cats with this personality type love exploring and discovering new things — like that mysterious paper bag you left on the floor. Satisfy their inquisitive personalities by keeping a variety of toys around. Keep their food dish full to help fuel their adventures.

lap taken

"Is this lap taken?

 It is now."

Snuggle bug

This cat personality type loves to be loved. They’ll slink into your lap any chance they get and turn those big eyes on you. Maybe they want attention. Maybe you’re their heating pad. The best thing to do is give in.