Limedrop and DINE®. A passion for fashion.

One of the most colourful highlights of the 2011 Rosemount Australian Fashion Week was the Limedrop and DINE® DESIRE® catwalk. A stunning entrance, with a bride resplendent in white pineapple entering the room with a Bengal cat and two identical grooms.

Wearing a specially designed Limedrop walking harness, the fabulous feline proved to be a perfect fit for the playful irreverence of Limedrop's independent fashion label.

The event had the social media channels buzzing, with bloggers and social media users conversing about the DINE® 'cat on the catwalk'.

More than just for show, this was a celebration of the graceful nature of felines everywhere. Also a timely reminder, that more Australians are recognising the health benefits of actually taking their favourite companion for a catwalk!

Thank you to Limedrop designers, Clea Carrick and Nathan Price, for creating a unique DINE DESIRE necklace for over 300 VIP Guests. Not forgetting, their much loved inspiration, their cat- Fergus.

DINE loves to support and celebrate passionate people, inspired by their beautiful felines.

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